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Spring and Summer 2014 Events

April 4
Wisdom of Changes: Richard Wilhelm and the I Ching. Film and discussion with Bettina Wilhelm.
April 11, 12
Psychoid: The Chaotic Dynamics of Individuation. Lecture and workshop with John Van Eenwyk, Ph.D.
May 9, 10
Architecture and Psyche. Lecture and workshop with Anthony Lawlor, M.Arch.
June 8
The Red Book and the Genesis of Jung's Works. Sonu Shamdasani, Ph.D.
Summer Series, in June, July, and August
Red Book Series, Walter A. McGerry, M.A.

Looking for past events, including Winter events? See the Archives.

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The Society is a nonprofit educational corporation formed to provide a forum for the ideas of C.G. Jung. The Jung Society sponsors lectures, workshops, seminars, and study groups by both locally and nationally known Jungian scholars, and its events are, for the most part, intended for the general public. Most events take place at the Good Shepherd Center. More about the Society.

Office/Library: Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N., Room 222, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 547-3956    Fax: (206) 547-5959   
Office e-mail:
office@jungseattle.org Webmaster: webmaster@jungseattle.org

Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961), was one of the great pioneers in the area of depth psychology and the field now known as adult development theory. His ideas probe beyond the rational description of human problems and behavior to the inner focus and meaning of our lives. Jung's contributions to psychology C.G. Jung with pipeinclude the concepts of introversion and extraversion, synchronicity, archetype, and the collective unconscious.

When so many devoted their genius to creating the means to destroy the world, Jung went inward on a lonely and dangerous journey, discovering those creative synthesizing forces within the human psyche that might enable the world to survive. He learned that by honestly facing personal conflicts on the most everyday level, we each confront the deepest spiritual problems of universal human concern.

Jung's life, his mission, and his voice are a challenge and a source of illuminating hope.

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